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Welcome to the Adult Training section of, On these pages you will find advice about Adult Training.

I have just undertaking the start of my adult training which means as I complete each step I can add information about it and information about how I'm going to become a leader.


There are 36 training modules in scouting of which:

  • 8 are for all Appointments
  • 10 are for Section leaders and section supporters
  • 8 are for Managers, Section Supporters and other supporters
  • 10 are supplementary

There are only three compulsory modules these are

  • Module 1 - Essential Information
  • Module 2 - Personal Learning Plan
  • Module 3 - Tools for the job (two versions one for leaders one for managers)

Getting Started

To get started with adult training you will need to talk to your local training adviser, GSL or DC. They will be able to provide you with up-to-date information about training in your area.

Information Sheets

Adult Training Module Matrix - Media:Adult Training Module Matrix.pdf

More information

More information about becoming a leader or adult training can be obtained by your local training adviser, GSL or DC.