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Air Scouts can be found as specialized Patrols in a 'standard' Scout Troop or most often as a whole Air Scout Troop within the Scout Group. You can join from the age of 10 and half to 14. Once you become an Air Scout, you will take part in a wide range of activities. These might include Sailing, Camping, Climbing, being trained in first aid, outdoor cooking on open fires, basic flying skills, model making, and lots more of course.

What is Air Scouting?

Air Scouting is a branch of Scouting, not a separate organisation. It is based on the same fundamental Scouting Aims & Methods. Air Scouts follow the core balanced program for their section but then add a aeronautical twist to the program and activities. Many Troops and Explorer Units meet more than once a week in the summer period and the additional meetings are used to develop aeronautical skills and airman-ship training. It is not training for an Air Force career, although Air Scout training can be very useful for young people who are so interested.

Air Scouts start with the Scout section as part of a Air Scout Group, or as a Air Scout Patrol in a "standard" Group. Explorer Air Scouts can be found in Units directly linked through partnership agreements to Air Scout Groups, water activity centers or as part of other District based units. Cub Scouts and Beaver Scouts in an Air Scout Group follow the same program as all other Cubs/Beavers albeit with the likelihood of some air based activities being provided by the Scout section.

Royal Air Force recognition

Some Air Scout Groups apply for RAF recognition. This entails an annual inspection on all aspects of the program, the achievement of required aeronautical skills standards and a review of aviation traditions. Groups who qualify can wear the RAF Recognition badge, may attend ATC activities and camp on RAF airfields.

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