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Complete three of the following:

  • Visit a zoo or wildlife park. Find out about some of the feeding habits and natural habitats of the animals they see.
  • Take care of a pet for three months and know the correct foods to give it. Be able to recognise common illnesses and know how to treat them.
  • Help to care for a farm animal and know the correct food to give it. Know how to recognise common illnesses and what special care is needed before and after the birth of farm animals.
  • Keep a record, in pictures, sketches, photographs or tape recordings, of bird, animal and/or insect life in their garden or local area/park.
  • Know six different freshwater, seawater or tropical fish and what types of foods they eat.
  • Belong to an animal, bird or wildlife society. Either take part in one of its activities or make progress in any award scheme offered.
  • Find out about the dangers in the countryside that threaten wildlife and either make a poster, collage or drawing or tell other Cub Scouts about their findings.


If you need help designing alternatives to these requirements for those with special needs please contact the Special Needs Office at Gilwell Park.



  • Invite a Vet or RSPCA officer to talk to the pack about care for their pets.

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