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This Award is presented to a Beaver Scout when he or she is invested into the Cub Scout Pack. The Investiture should take place on their first official meeting as a Cub Scout.

To complete the Moving-On Award, a Beaver Scout must:

  • know about the Cub Scout Pack.
  • know about joining the Cub Scout Pack.
  • renew the Promise.

What is the purpose of this Award?

This badge helps ease the transfer of a Beaver Scout to the Cub Scout Pack. It also allows the Beaver Scout to be invested into the Pack immediately, recognising that they are already Members of the Scout Movement.

Know about the Cub Scout Pack

  • Attend meetings of both the Beaver Scout Colony and the Cub Scout Pack for at least four weeks and take an active part in both programmes.
  • Get to know the Members and Leaders of their Six and Pack.
  • Find out about the ceremonies and traditions in the Pack.
  • Find out about the activities available to their Six and Pack.

Know about joining the Cub Scout Pack

  • Know and show an understanding of the Cub Scout Promise and Law.
  • Know and show an understanding of the Scout Motto, Sign, Salute and Handshake.
  • Know what to do at their Investiture.
  • Know the meaning of the badges they will receive at their Investiture. This should include extending their understanding of the family of Scouting and worldwide Scouting.

Renew the Promise

  • Become a member of the Cub Scout Pack by renewing the Promise.

Helpful Sheet

Printable Information Sheet on the Moving on Award - Media:The Moving On Award info Sheet.pdf

Printable worksheet on the Moving on Award - Media:The_Moving_on_Award.pdf.pdf

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