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Here are a couple of ideas of things you can do on camp, there are some ideas which you may be able to do on your own or some that you may have to do in a group. You may not be able to do some because of where you are camping and the limitations that the camp site you are on has.

Tracking real style

You can play a simple tracking game by sending out a group of people to walk round the campsite (make sure they have a mobile, map and compass AND KNOW HOW TO USE THEM!) then send out another group (making sure they have a mobile, map and compass AND NOW HOW TO USE THEM!) just using foot prints and sounds they have to find the other group. You may want to make sure that the area isn't to big!


Get a load of poles and some rope and divide them up into the different groups and give them something to build with all the rope and poles. You could get them to make a secure washing line? Table? Shelter? all sorts of different thing

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