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When you are planning a camp you need to make sure that you plan the menu of what will be eaten every day. It is important you stick to this so that you don't waste any food or have any left over.

It is up to you and your scouts what you get but watch out there are people with allergies to different things. Also religions can prevent people from eating different things.

Here's A Example menu

Friday Dinner: Should eat at home and have cakes and drinks when arriving.

Saturday Breakfast: Fry Up Lunch: Sandwiches Dinner: Something hot and tasty

Sunday Breakfast: Fry Up Lunch: Sandwiches

Scout Badges: Camp Cook

The Scout must complete the following: 1. Discuss with the assessor how and where to shop for food and how to transport it. 2. Demonstrate proper storage and cooking under camp conditions. This must include knowledge of hygiene in the camp kitchen and how to prevent food poisoning. 3. Create a day's menu that includes quantities for a group of between four and six Scouts. Don't forget to consider any cultural, religious or vegetarian needs of the group. 4. Successfully cook and serve the menu that they have created.

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