Campfire stunts - ScoutHelp

Blindfolded Skipping


  1. Skipping Rope
  2. Blindfold
  3. Whistle
  4. Three Leaders

Hello everyone. My name is Joe and will need one of you to help, however not just any old rift raft. I need someone like me; tall, good looking, bright and intelligent [pause]. Ah, I can’t quite see anyone like that here (looking round). Oh well you’ll have to do (point at someone).

Everyone give him/her a round of applause for giving a helping hand.

What’s your name? Are you are any good at skipping?

(The two leaders with the skipping rope now appear and the volunteer is asking to stand in the middle- to the leaders can swing the rope and he/she skips. Warning- this must not be too close to the fire and have extra leaders to stand in the way of the campfire if needed. After a few skips ask the volunteer to stop).

Everyone give -name- another clap as that was fantastic!

This time we are going to make it harder, more difficult and you must be brave and ready to wear (pause- it is also a good idea to have something silly like a bra nearby on the floor) a blind fold.

Every time I blow the whistle I want you to skip as the rope will be coming near your legs.

(Start off slowly and speed up. However the leaders don’t swing the rope but move out the way. So the ‘presenter keeps blowing the whistle faster and faster and the volunteer keeps skipping faster and faster!’)


(The two leaders start clapping which will start everyone else off).

You may now take your blind fold off as you have completed the challenge.

Everybody please put your hands back together while -name- takes his/her sit again.

Thank you!


Stiff Neck


  1. Leaders

The first leader walks up to the campfire circle looking up and then just stands still staring.

Now one by one another leader comes up, stands next to the group and joins in staring up to the sky.

Eventually someone comes up and asks, ‘what are you staring at’ in which the originally leader replies, ‘nothing I have just got a stiff neck’.

Now all the leaders separate and sit back now.


Water Funnel


  1. Funnel
  2. Small Ball
  3. Cup of water

Get a volunteer to stand holding the funnel on their head. You explain that after three you will throw the ball and it will fly across the campfire circle and into the funnel. However after three a leader comes behind the volunteer and empties the cup of water into the funnel.


Scout Roulette


  1. Three cups with one filled with water labelled A, B and C

Get three volunteers, each choosing a cup each. A leader then holds the cups above the Scouts heads so that the Scouts don’t see in the cup or get to hold them.

After everyone counts to three the cups are turned over and one of the three volunteers gets wet.


Ugly Looking Monster


  1. Blanket
  2. Two Scouts in with stunt

Start off with a leader on his/her knees with the blanket over him/her.

You explain that you have recently visited another county and at the market you brought the ugliest monster in the world to show the audience at this campfire. You go on to say that infact it is that ugly whenever someone sees it the person screams and runs away.

You ask for volunteers choosing one of the plants in with the act.

He/she looks under the blanket, screams and runs back to seat.

You do the same again choosing the other plant.

Finally you choose someone to look under the blanket at the ugliest monster in the world. However this time as soon as the volunteer looks under the blanket the ‘monster’ screams and runs away.


Puppy Box


  1. Wet Box

The leader holds a box and goes to another person and says "will you hold my box" not giving time for a response but passes it over.

The person notices that the box is leaking and so asks people passing by what it could be.

People passing by respond saying that the leakage is orange juice, cola and malt whisky.

The leader comes back and takes box, thanks the holder then feels the wet box and says "oh no! You bad puppy!"



Equipment: -Paper -Chair

Have a volunteer sit on a chair facing the audience. You take the paper and scrunch it up in front of them. Now standing to the side of them have your left hand out flat in front of them. You hold the paper with your thumb and forefinger of your right hand.

Instruct the volunteer to keep an eye on your left hand which is flat in front of them. Now you and the audience count to three. On each count your right go towards the left hand and above the volunteer’s hand.

On three you throw the paper behind the volunteer, bring your empty right hand back to the flat left hand and then close your left hand- it should look as if the paper has gone into the left hand.

Now have your right hand flat in front of the volunteer and slowly open your left hand.

(The audience see the paper go above the volunteer but he/she doesn’t until standing up and looking behind).



Equipment: -A tube of popcorn

Go around the audience asking random people to open their mouth as wide as possible. You now try to throw a piece of pop corn into the person’s mouth. Go round and keep doing this. However on the final person you go to throw the piece of pop corn but inside throw the whole tube at the person!


The Boat Race

Equipment: -A flat tray with water in it -2 match sticks

Split the campfire circle into two halves - one is Oxford the other is Cambridge.

Choose a member to represent each team, they are the Captains.

A bit of building up is needed for the Oxford V Cambridge and get the teams cheering their Captain.

The Captains kneel on the floor, at opposite ends of the tray and prepare to blow their boat (matchstick) to the other end of the course.

The official race starter gets on the floor as well, and after reminding the Captains to blow hard and play fair, and revitalising the crowds, starts the race with a 1, 2, 3 go!

On GO the starter slaps their hand firmly on the water, causing the Captains of the boats to get wet.


The Wheels On The Bus

You get the "Target" to act as the driver. You then tell the story of a bus journey. You get people to act as various parts of the bus (wheels and doors etc), you also have people getting on and off the bus. Eventually the bus driver needs to use the window wipers. Then he needs to clean his window with the window washers, that’s when the driver gets a nasty wet surprise!


The Furniture Store

Have a buyer in the store looking for furniture and a sales person showing pieces of "furniture".

-A leader in seating position is a Queen Anne Chair -A leader standing is a Victorian chest of drawers -Stood Still with hands on head becomes a lamp

Use your imagination and cover all sorts of furniture styles. However the buyer rejects each one as not being what they are looking for. Finally call up your victim, he is a coffee table (down on hands and knees). You extol his virtues, sturdy (sit on him or pretend to!), very stable take a full cup of water and balance in the middle of his back. Buyer rejects this one as well and leaves store, sales person gives up and quits, leaving the "coffee table" on his hands and knees with a full cup of water on his back! What happens next is up to the coffee table!


Broken Down Motorbike

Have a leader on his hands and knees as a ‘motorbike’. You now ‘rev’ the bike in which nothing happens.

You ask for someone to help by getting them to hold the ‘motorbikes’ shoulder. You now ‘rev’ the bike again in which nothing happens.

You get someone else to hold the other shoulder, ‘rev’ the bike and this time the motorbike gets up and runs off.

You now explain that all it needed was two ‘nuts’ to hold it together.