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Creating a group website is a great way to improve communications specialty with explorer groups.

There are certain guidelines you need to follow when creating a scouting website that can be found at Developing a Scouting Website


There are certain guidelines you need to follow when creating a scouting website that can be found at Developing a Scouting Website

Safe from Harm

Websites should be careful about including photographs, contact or other details which together could serve to make children easy to identify and contact.

It is the policy of The Scout Association to safeguard the welfare of all members by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm. It is essential that anyone creating a website follows a few simple guidelines designed to ensure the personal safety of young people. We do not want our sites to be used as a method for people with evil intentions to develop contacts with children.

Young people should NOT be easily identified.

  • Do not give out their email or other

contact details.

  • Do not use their full names.
  • Avoid using names at all if possible.


Parents should be given the opportunity not to have their child’s picture displayed on the Internet or used for other publicity purposes. This is not a legal requirement as the copyright of an image belongs to the photographer and not the subject. Nevertheless, it is good practice and good manners to seek parental approval. When a person joins the Scout Group a simple form seeking permission could be handed out. The wording should be on the lines of:

Sometimes photos and video images of Scouts taking part in activities are submitted to the local newspapers, the Group, District or County newsletters and website or put on display. If you have any objections please indicate that you are not willing for your child's image to be used in this way by ticking the box ………

Simple Steps

Step 1 - Web host

To begin creating a scouting website you will need a web host such as escouts there are of course many other websites that offer hosting in which you can pay for or get for free.

Subdomain or Domain

With most hosts you will get a free subdomain in which you could use for your websites address. Another option is to goto a website like 123-reg and purchase a domain like or

Step 2 - Deciding how to add content and manage the site

Depending on what host you have chosen you will have the choice of using HTML plain pages or on most hosts php and MySql. When using HTML you will need a program like frontpage to create the pages.

If using php and MySQL there are content management systems available that will be of a great deal of help. I currently have 2 group websites I am running using e107

Step 3 - Making the site secure

It is important to make sure that the sites forum/calender with information about meetings is secure from public view. This is possible with nearly all CMS systems and Forum systems.

Separate user logins are a bonus because you can see who logs in and out as well as what they use the site for.

Step 4 - Tell your scouts

Tell your scouts about the website and get them to use it.

Step 5 - Add you site to search engines

All you need to do is click the link below, fill in the form and click sumit. All you need to do then is sit back and wait while your site is added to search engines.