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Getting Started

Running a presentation using ICT is often a good way of getting information across to a large or small group of people. ICT can be used by Scout groups to make presentations.

For example you could get a load of scouts to do a presentation on a recent camp or their hobbies. Some people would be able to talk about the 2007 Jamboree which would be great for the other Scouts to know about.

I would suggest using Microsoft PowerPoint to make your presentation, if you do not have this you will find free versions such as OpenOffice.org which will allow you to make your presentation and then save it ready for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Keep it simple, don't use to many animations, start off with getting your content onto the slides and then add the layout and looks. This will make it easier to lay your design around the information and if you run out of time you still have some information there.

Include images about what you are talking about it will keep everyone interested.

Most off all enjoy making it if you can do that you'll enjoy presenting it.

What you need

  • Laptop or PC
  • Projector
  • Screen - A wall will do.

You may find you can borrow a laptop and projector from your company. A lot of companies are understanding and are willing to help out scout groups. I recently borrowed mine from my work for a Scout presentation and know that others have borrowed it. As well as other groups have put presentations on using work equipment.

If you cant get hold of a projector, the normal PC or laptop screen will do for smaller groups if they can all see it. You may need to make the presentation twice for larger groups if you are going to use this method.

Hints and Tips

  • All the hints and tips for a normal presentation
  • Don't make it to flashy Beavers cubs and most scouts wont pay attention to you if the presentation is still moving.
  • Test the presentation before presenting it.
  • Use a remote mouse or a mouse you can get to easy to change slides don't rely on timings with scouts these often don't work.