Pack A Sack - ScoutHelp

Being able to pack a rucksack correctly is an important skill. In an emergency situation being able to reach the first aid kit or waterproofs without having to throw all your other gear out could save someones life.

Always pack your rucksack in reverse order - First In Last Out


Remember to pack the outer pockets neatly before you pack the inside of the main rucksack (otherwise you will not be able to get anything into the outside pockets once the inside of the rucksack is bulging full!). You must pack neatly. Small items like socks can be used by leaving until last and squashing down into all the little gaps. Think carefully about which items you will need first and pack these last so that they are on the top. You must be able to reach the following immediately in case of an emergency: First Aid Kit, Waterproofs, Survival Bag, Whistle, Torch, Compass, Map, Water Bottle.