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Welcome the the Prayers section of ScoutHelp.

This section contains a collection of prayers for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network, Leaders, Groups, or well anyone within Scouting.

You can use these prayers for scouting events, most groups end with a prayer to worship god. Some mixed raced groups may find holding prayers difficult. Check with all Scouts before holding a prayer for a certain religion.

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  1. The Lords Prayer - Traditional
  2. The lords prayer - A modern Version
  3. Things we Don't Understand
  4. Help Me
  5. Two Ways to Live
  6. Evening Prayers
  7. A Prayer
  8. Flag Break - Collection
  9. Our Promise
  10. Care for Other People
  11. Centenary of Scouting
  12. Courage
  13. Credo
  14. For A Camp
  15. For Camp
  16. For Scouts
  17. For Teamwork
  18. For the Environment
  19. For the Troop
  20. Forgiveness
  21. Gilwell Grace
  22. Hail Mary
  23. Johnny Appleseed Prayer
  24. Our father
  25. Philmont Grace
  26. Short
  27. Thank you, God
  28. The Cub Scout Prayer
  29. The Rover Prayer

For a more advanced list please see: Category:Prayers

Care for Other People

In our lives may we try not to be selfish and to help other people who need help in our daily lives.

Care for Our World

Help us look after your world and to keep it clean and free from litter and pollution. Help us keep the scenery looking nice.

For Camp


We thank you for the day we have enjoyed today and we thank you Lord for all the flowers and trees you created for us to enjoy each day.

For A Camp

Dear Lord, thank you for this camp, the games we've played and the things we've done. Thank you for the food we've eaten and the weather we've had. Thank you for the new friends we've made and old friends we've seen again. Please be with us as we pack up and go home.

For Scouts

Dear Lord, thank you for Scouts and the skills and knowledge we learn. Help us to put maximum effort into what we do and use the knowledge gained for the benefit of all Scouts, other people and ourselves.

For the Environment

Dear Lord, help us to take care of the fragile earth. Help us to prevent the destruction of wild life and to save those who suffer.

Help us to always do our best and use the things we are given in the right way. Help us to help the world become a good and safe place to live. May we always be ready to help those in need, whoever they are and wherever they may be.

For the Troop

Thank you for being with us during this Troop meeting. Help us to be kind to one another, patient with each other, work hard and enjoy our fun. Be with us as we go home.

For Teamwork

God, we ask you to help us give of our best as we work together.


Forgive me Lord, for all the times I have upset people because the have upset me, or hurt people because they could not fight back.


Teach me, Lord, what I ought to do, and give me the courage to do my best to do it.

Thank you, God.

Creator Spirit, Come

O God, Creator of lakes and dunes

Help us to feel your spirit

In the beauty of nature around us!