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The most common saw in scouting is the bow saw. It is normally metal-framed and shaped of course like a bow. It can also be known as a swede saw or a buck saw. They are normally used for for cross-cutting branches commonly up to 6 inches in diameter.

The bow saw is traditionally used for woodworking in straight and curved cuts.

Safety First

When working with Sharpe tools always ensure you and the people around you are safe.

  1. Wear eye or face protection - When using a saw you can find small parts of the wood can fire off, if these hit the eye's it can hurt as well as do serious damage.
  2. Select the right saw - Before doing any wood work make sure you know what type of saw you should use and that you know how to use it - The saw should keep your wrist in a natural position about horizontal to the piece of wood being cut.
  3. Make sure the wood does not have metal objects in - Making sure the wood does not have things like nails in is important to help insure the blade does not buckle which could make it shatter or cause the user damage.
  4. Start the cut correctly - Making sure you start the cut correctly will help you all the way though, start with small backwards strokes to make a small starting grove
  5. With larger wood - Make sure it is correctly supported and will need break off before you have finished
  6. Sharpe teeth - Having Sharpe teeth will not only just make the job quicker but will also make it safer.
  7. Protect the teeth - When the saw is not in use always make sure that the teeth are protected.

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