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By donating your used Mobile phones, PDAs and printer cartridges to Scouts Appeal you can raise vital funds for your group.

Scouts Appeal accepts mobile phones, PDAs, toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges. However cannot recycle toner bottles, ribbon cartridges, Epson inkjet cartridges or other electrical equipment.

It is estimated that 90 million redundant phones are lying around the UK and 35 million inkjet cartridges are used every year.

Supporting Scouts Appeal is great news for the environment too. When cartridges and mobiles are thrown out they end up in landfill sites where they can leak toxic substances into the surrounding soil polluting the earth. These items also take many years to biodegrade resulting in a long term environmental problem.

To sign your group up or for more information visit: Scouts Appeal

To find information about Scouts Appeal and my Scout Troop visit: St Martins Scouts

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