The World Scout Emblem - ScoutHelp


The Scout emblem as seen above is worn by every Scout since the movement started. With over 16million Scouts in 150 countries its one of the worlds best know symbols.

So where did the emblem originate from?

We can quote Baden-Powell for this answer: "Our badge we took from the 'North Point' used on maps for orienteering them with North". Lady Baden-Powell said later, "It shows the true way to go."

The Emblem is there to help remind Scouts to be as true as possible and try to be as reliable as a compass keeping to the Scouting ideals and helping others along the way.

In the World Scout Emblem, the basic motif is encircled by a rope tied with a reef or square knot symbolizing the unity and brotherhood of the Movement throughout the world. Even as one cannot undo a reef knot no matter how hard one pulls on it so, as it expands, the Movement remains united.