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What are viruses?

Viruses are programs that install them self's onto your computer sometimes without you knowing. Once installed on your computer they will muck it up. There are many different types of viruses from Joke ones that mates send to each other to huge ones that destroy big companies computer systems. They do different things to your computer system from things that you may not notice to destroying your whole computer and making you lose all you data.

How did I get viruses?

You can get viruses from many different places, they can be sent in e-mails, though msn, infected CD's, and many more

How do virus removal tools work?

Virus removal tools search for viruses, once they have found a virus they can they delete it or heal it. If they heal it all they do is remove the part of the file that is the virus. When they remove it the get rid of the whole file. Some antivirus software also allows you to Quarantine the files this is where the file is disabled but if you find your computer needs the file it can be enabled to so that it works probably.

What does a firewall do?

Firewalls detect and block incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. They can help stop viruses spreading to other computers from yours and help stop some viruses entering you computer.

Is all viruses bad?

Yes! They all do something bad to you system, they do different things some you may not notice but they are all bad.

How do I prevent viruses from infecting my system?

To prevent them is hard! But you can get rid of them once there on your system! all you need is some antivirus software. Some companies provide free Antivirus Software. I use AVG from grisoft this is free software and you can download it from (its the link at the bottom)