Your Personal First Aid Kit - ScoutHelp

Remember! Your may not be medically trained or qualified!

  • You should make your own first aid kit and have it ready for an emergency.
  • You hope you won't have to use it, but it's good to know its nearby - just in case.
  • Some store bought First Aid Kits don't have the right things in them for Scout camping or outside activities. Its better to make your own and then you control what is inside.
  • Take your Personal First Aid Kit to every camp and daytime activity with Scouts.
  • Always be prepared. Your First Aid Kit should be lightweight and compact. It should be easy to get to when you need it. Don\'t bury it at the bottom of your pack.

Whats needed

Here are some suggestions for the contents of a first aid kit. Your Patrol could decide to buy the items in bulk and share them out amongst all the members of the patrol to save money.

  • Sterile Pads
    Take about three or four pads of various sizes. Hold them in place with plaster strips or a bandage.
  • Triangular Bandage
    This is mainly used to support broken limbs. You could use your scarf in an emergency.
  • Cotton Wool
    Use this to clean wounds. Take a small amount.
  • Safety Pins
    Three medium sized.
  • Tweezers
    Take small tweezers.
  • Needle
    Poked in a bit of cork is best.
  • Scissors
    A small pair is safer than a single sided razor blade.
  • Plaster Dressings
    Band-Aids, Elastoplasts. Have about 12 assorted sizes in a small container.
  • Bandage
    A medium sized one
  • Matches
    For sterilizing the needle. These should be in a small plastic container or bag.
  • Micro Pore Tape
    To stick any plasters down