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Backwoods cooking is all about cooking different and strange things with weird and different tools.

A lot of the Backwoods cooked foods taste weird and strange but are weirdly filling and full of energy.

Have look at the other pages for some ideas.

If you have any more ideas please send them to me.

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A PDF for Backwoods cooking, it was made for a Stormex Explorer event. Media:Backwordscooking280406.pdf

Egg in an Orange

Cut an orange in half. Scoop out the flesh inside and eat it be careful not to cut through the skin! Now crack an egg into the skin and place on the embers of the fire until the egg is cooked.

Spud Egg / Egg in a potato

Cut the top off a potato of and scoop a hole in the middle. Crack the egg into the hole, put the top back in place and secure with small wooden pegs. Bake until the potato is cooked.

Backwoods Mince

You can cook mince meat inside all sorts of vegetable containers: orange peels, hollowed-out potatoes, onions, gem squash, butternut, or even cabbage leaves.


Use a green stick to spear slices of bacon, mushrooms, sausage, carrot, tomato, peppers, and pieces of pork. Support the skewer over glowing embers turning occasionally. Eat when the meat is crisp and golden brown.

Cabbage hot dogs

Lay sliced onion on a cabbage leaf, add a sausage or two and place more onions on top. Wrap up the cabbage leaf tightly and secure with a number of small green sticks. Place in embers for about 7 to 10 minutes, turning occasionally.

Banana hot dogs

Take a banana and cut a slit in the peel down the inside of the curve, and open it outwards. Remove the banana and feed it to a passing baboon or a nearby Scout. Now put a sausage inside the banana peel and cook it directly on the coals.

Preparing fish

You will need to clean and gut any fish before you cook it. The fish should be cleaned as follows:

Wash the fish thoroughly in clean water.

Remove the scales by scraping with the back of a knife (not the shape edge), working from the tail towards the head!

Cut the spine at a point just behind the gills and tear the head off with a steady, slow. forward motion.

If you are careful, the fish innards will come out with it!

Slice the belly open from tail to gills and thoroughly clean the inside.

Finally, cut of the fins and tail and cook as desired.

Steamed Fish

Make a fire that is long enough for the length of the fish and more than wide enough. Let this burn down to a good bed of embers. Meanwhile prepare the fish and clean it thoroughly. Cut a lot of grass to use for the steaming. (If you cut it instead of pulling it up, the grass can grow back.) Place a good layer on top of the coals. Put the fish on top of the grass and place more grass on top. Then cover the fire and grass with earth and pack it down. Wait for 30 minutes and uncover. You really need to ensure you have a good bed of embers to be successful. If you are by the sea shore, then the same method can be used with seaweed instead of grass.

Other methods for fish

Wrapped in a cabbage leaf, or grilled on a grid make from twigs. Or pin the fish flesh side forward on a plank or piece of flat board and cook by reflected heat from the fire. For real style, place a knob of butter on the fish when it is cooking and later a splash of lemon delicious.

Pit Oven / Fiji Oven

Dig a pit, or use a natural depression in the ground. Light a fire in this and build it up, including as many rocks as you can find.

DO NOT use flint or rocks from a river bed, as the heat can cause them to explode from the water expanding inside them.

When you have a good bed of embers, wrap your food up in leaves, or on a bed of grass (see above) and cover the top of the hole over with sticks. Over this lay sacking or mats and then cover this over with earth. Make sure you seal in around the edges. Leave for 2 hours and then uncover and enjoy. One tip though, if you are cooking for a larger number of people, then put more embers over the top of the food to ensure it cooks.

Boiling in a paper bag

It is possible to use a paper bag to boil water. The water inside will prevent the bag from burning. The trick is to ensure that the heat only touches that part of the bag that the liquid is in contact with so it can absorb the heat.


You will need some form of pan or grill base, usually a flat stone which is placed in the fire to heat it up. The stone is then cleaned off and food fried on it. It may be necessary to place small pieces of twig around such things as eggs to stop them rolling off the stone.


For this method, you will need to make a grid or mesh out of green sticks, and grill your food over a hot bed of embers. Remember that some types of wood are poisonous and should not be used.

Chocolate banana

Cut a slit length ways in the banana and insert some pieces of chocolate. Wrap the whole lot in foil and place in the embers. Eat once the chocolate melts.

Sausage Casserole


  • 1 or 2 sausages
  • 1 stalk of broccoli
  • 1 stalk of cauliflower
  • 1 carrot
  • aluminum foil


Place all ingredients onto a piece of foil and wrap it up tightly. Leave two handles on the ends to pick it up with. Place in coals of fire and leave for 5-10 minutes until everything is cooked.