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We all need some space without boys around sometimes! With Girlguiding UK girls can just be themselves - making friends, learning new skills and having fun.

'Guiding lets girls think, learn and develop without having to put up with boys trying to be the centre of attention all the time!' Phillipa, 16

About Girl Guiding

Girl Guides or Girl Scouts are a parallel movement to Scouting. It evolved from the Scouting movement early 20th century when girls wanted somewhere to go like their brothers were.

Often girls would try and join Scouting because they saw how much fun their bro's or friends were having. Finding a group that was open to accepting girls was hard so leaders began to split off and start groups just for girls.

Girl Guides was then officially founded in the UK in 1910.

Age Groups

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5 to 7 years
7 to 10 years
10 to 14 years
  Senior Section
14 to 25 years
  Disabled Guiding

What makes guiding special?

According to GirlGuiding UK "Girl space with no boys around".

Girls always need some time and space without boys around! And that's what Girlguiding UK is for, to allow girls to just be themselves, making friends, learning new skills and having fun.

Girlguiding is just the place to just chat to each other and meet like minded people. Even the adults use it for a reason to chat to other leaders.

"Girls lead the way in guiding, so the activities are what they want to do."

What do girls in guiding do?

GirlGuiding encourages girls to do what they want to. There are no limits things like:

  • Climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Walking
  • Crafts
  • Art
  • Camping
  • And so much more

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