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Hiking is a great activity for scouts but make sure that you know were you are going and that you have taken any necessary safety precautions.

Planning Hikes

You need to decide: Were you want to go? Why you want to go there? (Not always needed I go on walks for no reason sometimes) How far you want to walk? Any places you are visiting?

Once you have done this you need to plan your route you may use one of our planning sheets (DOWNLOAD HERE). Make sure that you have listed your:

Map name and number, Grid Reference, Height, Landmark Near, Place, Times, Start, Finish.

Also do a tracing of your route so that when you are out walking you can put the tracing over the map to find witch roads you should be using.

Once you have done all of this you may want to check someone to check it and find any mistakes.


There is some equipment that you NEED to take with you. It may seem a lot but most of it is small:

  • Map and Compass - Make sure the map is the one listed on any planning sheets
  • Route Plan - This should be printed and should be in a plastic carrier
  • Whistle
  • Torch
  • Mobile Phone
  • 1st Aid Kit - Make sure that it is up to date see our first aid section
  • Walking Bots
  • Water Proof's
  • Food
  • Rucksack


Don't be scared but walking has its hazards...


Make sure you have a home contact and check back with them now and then to let them know were you are! But have fun! And don't get lost!

Some helpful PDF's

An information sheet made by the 8th High Wycombe Scouts to help track locations on hikes. - Media:Hiking_route.pdf

An information sheet made by the 8th High Wycombe Scouts to help routes in which Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers may take. - Media:Routemap.pdf

Can't see the PDF's? Get Adobe Reader from www.adobe.com Get adobe reader.gif