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When Baden-Powell returned to England in 1903, after helping to defend Mafikeng for seven months. He found that many boys and young men were reading his book Aids to Scouting witch was intended in being a military training book. He decided to write a version of Aids to Scouting for teenage boys called Scouting for Boys witch was published in 1908 after the first camp on Brownsea Island, Poole Harbour, Dorset which is were Baden-Powell tried out his new ideas on the four patrols made up from people from London and Bournemouth. Scouting for boys was originally printed in six fortnightly parts and sold very quickly. The book was so successful that boys already in youth organizations set them shelf up in patrols and started scouting according to this book.

The Start of the Movement:

It is a movement because it moves forward as soon as it stops it becomes an organization and is no longer scouting! The movement started not long after the release of the book youth groups were setting there shelf s up according to the book and took part in regular camps and other fun activities. The rush for membership and the subsequent scouting publications was handled by the publishers Messers C. Arthur Pearson & Co. In no time at tall there was a scouting newsletter that was being published on regular bases.

In 1910 BP (Baden-Powell) retied from the army and devoted all his time and money to the scout movement. This was the first year a scout census was done and the results were very surprising it showed that there were over one hundred thousand scouts in the UK alone! The scouting movement had only been going for 3 years!


In 1908 scouting was hitting the world. After a trip to south-Africa scout groups were starting in Chile and other areas within months. Then it moved to the USA by chance more then trial! William Boyce was lost in the center of London and then a small child came up to him and took him to a hotel. The boy wouldnt take money instead just said that it was his good turn as a boy scout. Before William left London he found BP and asks about the scouting movement and then set it up in the USA witch spread like hotcakes. By 1918 there were 300,000 scouts and before the end off the twenties it had reach the millions!

Scouting now has twenty-five million members not including girl scouts and guides

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