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ScoutHelp Ideas

  • Sheer Lashings - Scouts have to lash a match to the end off a long stick, they also have to make something to hold the matchbox. Then they have to light it by holding the end off the stick.
  • Human signal tower - Which patrol can build the highest human tower make a structure to match its height.
  • Things starting with - The scouts have to go round the local area looking for things that begin with a given letter or letters.
  • Scavenger hunt - Make a list of 20 things that the scouts have to find and then get them to go and find it!
  • Match box packing - HOW MANY THINGS CAN YOU GET IN A MATCH BOX, the scouts have to pack as many things as they can into a match box
  • Estimation - Estimate the number of things in a jar! I don\'t want to be the one to have to count them thought!
  • WHIPPING - The scouts all have to stand in a line and whip a rope in order the best whip wins!
  • Mimes - Each Patrol creates a mime about the scout laws and the other patrols try and guess which one it is!
  • Food for needy - Spend a couple of nights setting up a food drive for the needy.

Ideas from Rick (http://www.livemusicinstruction.com/)

  • Charity - You could set up a charity fund raiser for the needy among the scouts in your troops and their families and friends and neighbors. Wagons are useful here...
  • Senior Shopping Scheme - You could put together a senior's shopping service where the kids could go to their neighborhood stores and get groceries for seniors in their neighborhood.
  • Learn how to climb - You could learn to rig up saddles and ropes and the other gear for rock climbing if you haven't already... This could of course lead to a climbing outing or perhaps a trip to one of those fancy climbing gyms like they have here in the states. Fun and very safe with the right training and safety gear. Helmets and the like...
  • Night Sky - You could get someone to bring a nice telescope and on a clear night you might see the rings of Saturn! There are computer programs that plot out the position of the stars based on your location on the planet. You just use a GPS unit or a good map to determine the site coordinates and you can get right onto your favorite star, planet, constellation, or see incredible detail of the moon.
  • TROOPS OVERSEAS - You could get some food and reminders of home together for the troops overseas. You could send canned Mince Meat and all kinds of good stuff like that... you could collect all this around your neighborhood. Those military guys would really enjoy some good food from home.

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