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Knots and pioneering can become a very useful skill in itself as well as a platform for showing what advantage scouting can offer over other youth organisations.

Once you have learnt the basic ideas and knots in the cubs and progressed on through the troop you will begin to pick up those true pioneering skills.

It really is a great feeling of achievement to construct a major bridge and framework across a river. Such pioneering activities can bring together not only your knotting skills but principles of teamwork, self motivation, physical abilities and problem solving.

All too often taught as a subject unto itself and separate from practical experience knotting often has the stigma of being 'boring'. There are a number of ways of holding the youngsters interest while building their skills up to the 'civil engineer' level. All of these should be pursued by the scouter lest they lose interest at the early stage and never progress and gain those vital skills mentioned above.

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By Darren Dowling

Figure of Eight | Buntline Hitch

Overhand Knot | Clove Hitch

Stopper Knot | Cow Hitch

Sink Stopper | Constrictor Hitch

Stevedore Knot | Figure-of-8 Hitch

Fisherman's Bend | Ashley's Bend

Pile Hitch | Carrick Bend

Rolling Hitch | Fisherman's Knot

Round Turn / 2 Half Hitches | Hunter's Bend

Sheepshank | Sheet Bend

Timber Hitch | Water Knot


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