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Scouthelp-logo-medium.jpg was setup in 2005/2006 aimed at providing help for scouts.

When started ScoutHelp had a complex content system in which only approved admins could edit, this idea needed changing. So in 2007 it was moved to media wiki and has grown from there on.

Created by Andrew Phelps ( ) it has helped scouts around the world. is aimed at being a central point for scouting resources and information. We have many links to external sites and are constantly working with them to provide scouts with the most up to date information.

Take look around this site, is you register you are able to add and update content.

If you would prefer you may email us on and we will add the content for you or provide extra help with adding content.

All comentson the site are also welcome Comments

Help Me I'm A Scout (Our Old Name)

You may remember being called "Help Me I'm A Scout"?

Yep this is the same site, just Help Me I'm A Scout was the name before we got a domain. This was then phased out and became ScoutHelp.

About the owner

My Full Name is Andrew Phelps, I am an explorer at the Home Grown Explorer Group in High Wycombe and have been in scouting since a beaver. My dad is the explorer leader. Our group website is, before being in Explorers I was with the 8th High Wycombe Scout Group


ScoutHelp is always growing and we are constantly looking for new ideas and people to help. Scouthelp Ideas